Comedy Bang! Bang! Season 2, Episode 11 Review: “Rainn Wilson Wears a Short Sleeve Plaid Shirt & Colorful Sneakers”

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After watching the half-season premiere of Comedy Bang! Bang! season two, I briefly imagined what someone watching the show for the first time would think. One of my favorite things about Comedy Bang! Bang! is how gradually it can wade into the waters of insanity, as we see in this episode. It starts off oddly with Reggie blowing someone up and Rainn Wilson showing Scott his urethra, but those are nothing compared to the show’s final guest, a vampire-hunting cowboy poet who has sex with the ground. And though I’d imagine that can be alienating to some new viewers, Comedy Bang! Bang! does it all with such a warm, welcoming smile that I don’t see how anyone who watches this fantastic episode could walk away without having laughed.

Surprisingly, my favorite thing about this episode was Rainn Wilson. I say surprisingly not because I dislike Rainn Wilson, but because I’ve never seen him be as funny and game as he is throughout his interview. From the four million part answer to the previously mentioned urethra presenting, he gleefully takes part in everything asked of him, making me almost wish he had a constant presence on the show.

The episode’s other guest was also a delight, but one I was expecting. Andy Daly’s appearance as cowboy poet Dalton Wilcox very closes mirrors his appearance on the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast a year ago, with the only real difference being Rainn Wilson’s interjections. But I’m not complaining, because Dalton Wilcox is one of Andy Daly’s best characters – which is saying a lot – and getting to see him instead of just hearing him adds some freshness to the very funny segment.

Had “Rainn Wilson Wears a Short Sleeve Plaid Shirt & Colorful Sneakers” just included the opening with Reggie and the interviews with Rainn Wilson and Dalton Wilcox, it would have been great. But the writers have been packing each episode with as much comedy as possible, so there are also the New Friend Contest and Chews To Lose, both of which start off well and end even better.

The only reason this isn’t getting a perfect review is because there are still nine episodes left, and that gives Comedy Bang! Bang! plenty of opportunities to do something better. But make no mistakes, this as about as close to a perfect half-hour of comedy as you can get, and a more than satisfactory beginning to Comedy Bang! Bang!’s back-half of season two.