Tom Hanks Really Wants To Play The Bad Guy In A Batman Movie, So Why Don’t You Let Him Hollywood?!


2013 is the year that, among other things, Tom Hanks gets himself back on the map.  He starred in last year’s controversial Cloud Atlas, but before that?  He was stuck in the horrifying world of Dan Brown adaptations and Larry Crowne failures.  But in the next few months, there’s a huge chance he’ll be starring in two Oscar heavy films—Captain Philips and Saving Mr. Banks.  And though the jury is still out on Banks, I’ve seen Philips, and was absolutely wowed by his performance.  You can read more gushing in my review here, but suffice to say, I forgot how much I loved this man.  With his career once again in full swing, Hanks has a bevy of options ahead of him, but apparently one of the big ones is something he’s begging studios to bring him in on—a large scale comic book movie.  Find out what (and who) he’s willing to play if Hollywood just gave him the chance after the jump.

Hanks was speaking to Showbiz 411 about the aforementioned Phillips when he revealed his comic book desires, explaining to the outlet why he was never featured in a big superhero movie before:

They don’t ask me, man. I keep trying… Come on, I can do it. I can do it. Even let me play a bad guy, let me play the bad guy against Batman. I’ll do anything, call me. They’ve never asked. What do I gotta do? God, I want to throw a shield at somebody. I want that. And I don’t want to play the guy in the suit who tells the superheroes what’s going on, I don’t want to be that guy. ‘Well, you know Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, here’s what we’ve discovered,’ I don’t want to be that guy. I want to get in there, I want to play The Flash or something like that. They’ll never give me a chance.

It is kind of odd to think that Hanks has never been a part of a big superhero movie when other high esteem folks like Robert Redford, Gary Oldman, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, and many many others have.  And apparently it’s not from a lack of interest—Hanks more than expressed in this interview that he wants to be a part of one of those movies.  And though his time to play The Flash or something like that has indeed dissipated, I would still love to see him play a villain in something.  Honestly I think Marvel is more up his style but, hey, I could actually see him be a really fun Hugo Strange or something like that too.  Hell, I’ll take anything at this point—I just want some Hanks’ in my comic book movie.


To be fair, it’s not like he’s a stranger to the genre entirely—he did star in the incredibly underrated Road To Perdition, after all.  And if that film was any indication, the guy is more than suitable for this genre.  I wish him luck in his endeavors and, now that Hollywood knows he wants to do it, let’s hope it’s not long before Hanks can fulfill his goal.


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Matthew Legarreta

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  • Ozymandas

    “It is kind of odd to think that Hanks has never been a part of a big superhero movie when other high esteem folks like Robert Redford, Gary Oldman, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, and many many others have.” Did you not read the Tom Hanks quote you printed in your article? Those other actors have played the types of roles Hanks specifically says he’s not interested in. He’s looking to play a supervillain or a superhero.

  • SPEK

    I keep thinking of characters that would involve some hefty cgi, but he could make for a good Basil Karlo or Kirk Langstrom

  • Observer

    He would make a great Reed Richards. Or maybe Riddler though Timbers was lobbying to play him. His options beyond playing a scientist-hero or schemer villain might depend on how well he can bulk up his build in the weight room. Idk – he could carry a Dr Strange film conceivably.

  • Matthew Legarreta

    I wasn’t commenting on the type of role that those actors have played, but simply saying that high profile and prestige actors are being approached for big superhero blockbusters more and more.

  • derpa

    tom hanks bald……………perfect luthor…..