Vince Gilligan’s Next Project Will Be A Cop Drama On CBS…Yes, Really

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In three days Breaking Bad will be over, but that doesn’t mean the people involved will just disappear from the face of the Earth (at least I hope not).  Breaking Bad has made pretty much all of its cast and crew big names in Hollywood, and just saying you played a key role in one of the best TV shows ever made should already give you a heaping mass of clout.  And of all those people, there’s one in particular who should get the most credit for the genius of the show—creator and showrunner Vince Gilligan.  And now we know his next TV gig…a police drama.  For CBS.  That’s probably a procedural.  WHAT A CONCEPT.  Find out why this news is disappointing after the break.

But first, the details.  Gilligan first wrote the script for this series about a decade ago, but couldn’t find the funding for it on network TV.  But with Breaking Bad now done and Gilligan’s status much higher than it used to be, a bidding war ensued for his newest project.  And CBS (sadly) was the one who won the war.  The New York Times confirms that Gilligan will develop his next show, titled Battle Creek, for the network, and serve as director and writer of the pilot.  However, he won’t be running the day to day—that role will go to David Shore, creator and producer of Fox’s House.  The show has been picked up directly to series, by passing the pilot stage altogether.  Which makes sense because, once again, Vince Gilligan.  Here’s the show’s description from NY Times:

“A drama about two detectives in Battle Creek, Mich. One is a trusting naïf, the other a cynic who relies on guile and deception. They find themselves in competition with an F.B.I. agent whom they see as the epitome of a crime-fighter, though he is far from that.”


Granted I would be excited about Vince Gilligan’s next project even if it was just a two hour still shot of a phone book, but I am kind of bummed to see him going to CBS.  How I Met Your Mother aside there’s not a single show I like on that network, and they of all the big networks produce the most by the numbers, boring shows.  Gilligan deserved another cable network, like HBO, FX, or AMC again.  But a cop drama on CBS?  I’m not sure even he could find a way to make that one amazing.

Oh who am I kidding…of course he would, and of course he will.  We’ll find out when the series lands next Fall.  And hey, even if it’s not amazing, we’ll always have his other new show, Better Call Saul.  There’s no way that one can go awry, right?