How To (Legally and Easily) Watch Netflix UK For Free

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Let’s be honest with ourselves – we’re always looking for ways to beat the system, preferably ones that result in minimal (or in this case, nonexistent) consequences. If you live in the States and have Netflix Instant, you might find yourself wishing there were more movies and TV shows available at your disposal for the $8 a month you pay. Across the pond, Netflix UK has films like The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyJackie Brown, Lawless, Sinister, and TV shows like Breaking Bad (which is updated each week with new episodes!!!) readily available for people to enjoy. You might find yourself thinking, ‘Hey, I’d sure like to see Jackie Brown again and be able to rewatch new episodes of Breaking Bad,’ and I’ve recently discovered a way you can.

While perusing on Twitter this afternoon, I came across the following retweet.

That sounded intriguing, so I downloaded the extension on Chrome (which is as easy as googling Hola Unblocker and hitting a button) and found myself frolicking unrestrictedly through fields of films and shows. Zombieland, Iron Man 2, Cowboys & Aliens, 21 Jump Street, Lawless, The Raid, Shutter Island, Hook, War of the Worlds, Saving Private Ryan, Close Encounters, as well as pretty much any TV show you can think of (and thousands of other films) are available on Netflix UK. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Netflix US sucks rotten eggs compared to the royal version.

If you have a Netflix account and a computer (if you’re reading this you’re probably already halfway there), download the extension here and dive in to a bottomless pit of film and TV. I’m already building a pillow fort to binge-watch in as I write this.

  • Jared Russo

    ROFL this would be the most clicked on article on the website. Nice work, sell out hack!

  • When I read this comment on my APPLE MACBOOK PRO, I almost choked on my delicious (and inexpensive) SUNKIST. The thought of someone accusing me of selling out makes me so angry I had to go lay down on my comfortable (and inexpensive) SERTA MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS and relax.

    Buy war bonds.

  • I only date girls who drink SNAPPLE.

  • Jeremy

    I must be doing this wrong because I am not getting any of the titles mentioned above.

  • Jeremy

    Never mind, and this is awesome!! Most of Dexter!

  • Lindsey Rae Wilson

    Um…most of those titles I already have on my Netflix account? WTF…

  • Lucky63

    This no longer seems to work. You can get onto the Netflix website but when you actually try to stream the movies, it gives you an error code. Does anyone else know of another way to access?

    I’ve used tunnel bear in the past but it seems a shame to pay so much for a VPN service.

  • DeAun

    Thank you for this!!!! Now if could get it on my tv that would be awesome!!

  • Jennifer Pendley

    sometimes if you’re having problems with getting it to work type in and that should fix it but I’m kind of hesitant to use hola now because there was problems with hacking of chrome saved sites like banking websites and facebook. Chrome has all of my passwords saved and I don’t want anything to be hacked, is there anything else that I could use that is more secure than hola?