Rumor Mill: Is More Misfortune Plaguing Pixar? Director Bob Peterson Might Have Been Fired From The Good Dinosaur

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Now let me preface this article by saying that, like with all Rumor Mill’s, this is far from set in stone—in fact, there’s a possibility that this whole thing might be false, that Disney will show up online in a few hours to completely debunk it, and that we will continue to go on with this day completely undeterred.  But if that’s not the case, and this is actually true—well, then it will be time to worry.  Because a new report is going around claiming that Bob Peterson, a Pixar vet who has been with the company for decades and has contributed to some of their biggest successes (Toy Story 2, Up, and Finding Nemo just to name a few) has been kicked off of his directorial debut—next year’s The Good Dinosaur.  And if that is indeed the case, well, it’s certainly not a good thing.

The report comes from Blue Sky Disney, and says the following about Pixar’s next venture:

The producer and director of the film had been removed, but the film is not as of yet in turnaround. John Lasseter has reportedly taken Bob Peterson off the film, and is attempting to still meet the 2014 release date.

So if this is indeed true, what is the future of the film?  Well, not good.  On the one hand, it’s likely that co-director Peter Sohn (who handled the Partly Cloudy short film) would step up the complete the film in time for the film’s release, but you have to wonder why Disney would can Peterson from the film in the first place.  If it’s a creative issue, that will certainly take longer than a year to “fix.”  And even then, this sets a worse precedence for the studio—this isn’t the first time Pixar has replaced a director midway through production and, though Ratatouille managed to come out okay thanks to the prowess of Brad Bird, Brave and Cars 2 definitely fared badly.  And for a company like Pixar that prides itself on creativity and strong ideas, isn’t replacing the person hugely responsible for said ideas a bad sign?


Still, let’s not jump to conclusions here.  Until Disney confirms the report, we shouldn’t worry about the fate of The Good Dinosaur.  But if a confirmation does come in…well, then it will be time to panic.  The Good Dinosaur is slated for a May 30, 2014 release date…for now at least.



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