Charlie Day May Become The Villain in Pacific Rim 2, Depending Entirely Upon How Guillermo Del Toro Feels If And When The Project Gets Made


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Oh yes, now the Pacific Rim 2 news is coming in fast and hot.  While I myself wasn’t a huge fan of the film, don’t be fooled by negativity and overall grumpiness—I still would very much like to see a sequel to Pacific Rim, just to see what Guillermo Del Toro could do to top himself following the gigantic scale of the first one.  I wasn’t much for the original Hellboy but I absolutely loved the sequel, and I feel Pacific Rim could make a very similar series transition for me.  If Del Toro and Travis Beacham focus a little bit more on the characters and the inherit fun of the Pac Rim universe like Hellboy II did, then I would be fully onboard for a  Pacific Rim 2.  And from the sounds of things Del Toro might be looking to do just that, and turn one of the highlights of the original film, Charlie Day’s character, into something entirely different altogether.

I loved Charlie Day in Pacific Rim, and I actually thought he was one of the few characters that was actually, y’know, interesting and fun to watch on screen.  That said, it was mostly Day’s energy that made that character likeable—if it was anyone else playing him, Newt Gotlieb (really, THAT was his name?) would have been just as boring and dull as the rest of them.  But like I said…Charlie Day.  Can’t rain on Day’s parade, no way.


But if a recent interview with Day is any indication, we could possibly see some huge changes for Newt in Pacific Rim 2…depending pretty much just how Guillermo Del Toro and Travis Beacham feel at the time of creating the story, really.  Via Crave:

“I remember when I first met with [Del Toro] that he liked the idea of Newt becoming a bit of a villain in the second film. But, I think over the course of making the film, and the way the character resonated with the audience, I don’t think he would want to turn him into a villain now, but I really have no idea.”

Now by “a bit of a villain,” I don’t think Charlie Day will go around killing people in Pacific Rim 2.  The character is still comedic relief first and foremost, and I doubt that would change with Pacific Rim 2.  In my mind, we’ll see Newt become more unhinged and even more insane following the mind meld “drift” with the kaiju brains towards the end of the first film.  This will allow Day to become even more erratic with his performance and do even crazier things which, for the actor, isn’t a bad thing at all.


That of course is just speculation on my part though, with some speculation on Day’s as well.  Hell,we don’t even know if Pacific Rim 2 is getting made yet—while international box office is looking better and better everyday, it’s still undergrossing significantly here in the states.  We’ll see if this film, and this idea in and of itself, ever come to fruition in the near future.

In the meantime, what do you think?  Could Charlie Day playing a more evil character in Pacific Rim 2 work?  Let us know in the comments.


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  • Ass

    His name is Newton Geiszler, his fellow scientist is Hermann Gottlieb.

  • James k

    You got his name wrong…

  • Li

    I think charlie as villain would not work, he is good being happy and fun man.

  • Li

    Actually newt wasn’t just comic relief, without him and Hermann they wouldn’t ve one the war with he kaiju