Even before Pacific Rim hit theaters, it’s been a huge back and forth whether or not it would be a success for Warner Bros.  Honestly, it seems to shift every week—one moment things look good, the other things look depressing.  But after days of uncertainty, fans of Pacific Rim can now celebrate—it seems China has come in and made the final statement on whether or not this film is a success.  It is and, following the highest opening for a Warner Bros. film ever in China, Pacific Rim 2 now seems to be happening.

Which is where I eat crow, I guess.  A few weeks ago I called Pacific Rim a box office bomb, and received much criticism for it in the commons.  For what it’s worth, at the time, it WAS a bomb—like I said, the status of this one has been flip flopping daily at this point.  But now there’s no arguing it—Pacific Rim will ultimately be a success for Warner Bros, and China is pretty much responsible for it

Via Deadline, Pacific Rim took in a whopping $9 million on its Wednesday opening in China yesterday, which makes it the highest opening for a WB film ever.  Yeah, bigger than Harry Potter.  Bigger than The Dark Knight.  Hell, bigger than The Green Lantern.  Yeah, that’s possible!


So with a global take of $226 million, I guess sequel talk is going to ramp up for Pacific Rim now. Guillermo Del Toro and Travis Beachman have talked ideas, but who know’s where they will ultimately go with it.  I imagine we’ll find out once all the ink is dryed and full box office is accounted for, so we’ll keep you updated.  One final thing though—let’s not mince words here; Pacific Rim may not be the bomb I painted it as initially, but this still isn’t a huge success for WB.  International box office grosses are divided much less favorably to the studios, ESPECIALLY for China’s Communist System.  So ultimately, Pacific Rim made ENOUGH money…but box office smash it ain’t.

Sorry, just had to twist the knife in a little bit before bidding you adieu.  Look at the bright side though—a Pacific Rim 2 is probably happening.  That’s the important thing, right?


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  • Dave W

    Blame it on Warners playing favourite with Man of Steel. I hardly saw any advertising for it while I saw a LOT for superman.

  • Tim C

    What a pointless article you’ve written.