Watch This: Jennifer Lawrence Has A Fangirl Freakout After Seeing Jeff Bridges At Comic-Con, Continues To Prove How Awesome She Is


Okay America, I’ll admit it—like so many other nerds on the internet, I have kind of a huge crush on Jennifer Lawrence.  Honestly, she might be one of the strangest actresses working in the industry—just check out this Buzzfeed list for prove why.  She’s so odd yet so adorable, and her roles in films like Silver Linings Playbook only make her charisma and charm all the more apparent.  But at the end of the day, it’s stuff like this that really makes me love this girl—who else would be willing to make a complete dork of herself during an interview just to talk to Jeff Bridges.  No one, that’s who.  Check out the wonderful video after the jump.

Unfortunately it’s nestled two minutes and 30 seconds into an Extra interview so, unless you’re REALLY dying to see how Lawrence and her co-star Josh Hutcherson hang out after work with each other, just skip there to see the good part.

Seriously, how more freaking awesome can Lawrence get?  The thing I appreciate the most about her is just how genuine she seems in everything she does—her little freakout at seeing Jeff Bridges in real life was just freaking perfect, and her gasp at being offered to ask him a question was the best.  Be it tripping at the Oscars or doing Comic-Con interviews, there’s nothing really fake about Lawrence—and that’s such a wonderful thing about her.

But enough crushing on Lawrence…Bridges too is pretty badass, even if he did just use Lawrence’s question to pimp one of his friends film with Scott Cooper’s Into The Furnace and not even answer the question she asked.  But I’ll give Bridges the benefit of the doubt, since he’s old and awesome.  If I was in Lawrence’s position, I would probably freak out too.  But mine would be 100% less cute and 200% more sad.  WHY WON’T YOU RETURN MY PHONE CALLS, JEFF?!


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