If there’s one thing that every gamer in the world knows, it’s this—Valve has no idea what the hell a three is.  They’ll constantly push out amazing sequels from Half Life 2 to Portal 2 and everything in between, but it seems they only operate in pairs.  As much as we may want Half Life 3, Valve still isn’t giving it to us.  Portal 3 could be amazing, but lord knows we won’t be seeing it any time soon.  From a company that is so disinterested in threequels, it seems the idea of getting a Valve game with a “3” in the title was nothing more but a fantasy.  But today, at the edge of our hope, it seems Valve might have taken a turn.  A new viral site from the company has arrived, and on it contains a countdown clock to the German GamesCom conference…and a Left 4 Dead 3 logo front and center.

And that’s not the only evidence—DSO Gaming has spotted this Vine teaser uploaded by Valve’s Marc Laidlaw, in which he questions whether he should do what he does in the video or not.  Check it out below.

Laidlaw was clearly questioning whether or not he should press the elevator button in the video…the button which has a “3” emblazoned on it.  He hovers over it but, at the last moment, switches to the “L” button.  L and 3 are obvious teasers, and elevators are an important element of the previous Left 4 Dead games.  And then there’s the aforementioned website, located here.  It’s a pretty obvious tease for Left 4 Dead 3, but is it actually from Valve?  The logos are there, but anyone can do that…right?  More interesting is the fact that a lot of the source files and code for the page are identical to that of Valve’s official site, as first discovered by StickSkills.com.  Certainly suspicious, right?  And the coutdown itself will conclude during the week of GamesCom in Germany…in which we know Valve will be attending.

But could this all be related to one another?  The timing certainly suggests that but, coming from Valve, I’m not sure what to believe.  Well I would love to see a Left 4 Dead 3 from the company…I would also like to see Half Life 3.  And that hasn’t quite happened yet, right?  Basically, I”ll believe this one when I see it.

But what do you guys think?  Does this seem legit?


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