The Simpsons Will Appear On Family Guy Because Money Is Great


You read that headline right – The Simpsons will appear on an upcoming episode of Family Guy. The episode, based on an idea from a Fox executive on whether or not paying someone could make them do anything, finds The Griffins becoming lost on a road trip and ending up in Springfield, where they meet the family whose lives they’ve poorly imitated. It’s like when The Flintstones met The Jetsons, except worse.

Here is the episode description of “The Simpsons Guy” (Family Guy’s original title) from Entertainment Weekly, who broke the news.

Peter and the rest of the Griffins embark on a road trip and wind up in Springfield. There, they cross paths with Homer, who graciously greets his new “albino” visitors, and the two families become fast friends. Stewie is impressed with Bart and his assortment of pranks, Lisa tries to figure out exactly what it is that she’s good at, and Marge and Lois do some bonding. Meanwhile, Peter and Homer argue over which beer is better: Pawtucket or Duff.

You’ll find that there is no mention of Maggie in the description, which isn’t surprising since she’s the only one smart enough to avoid a blatant cashgrab. Still, I’m sure she’ll be in the episode (maybe there will be a funny bit on how Stewie talks but she can’t!) when it airs in Fall 2014.

Look, I’m a huge fan of The Simpsons, and will contend that it is still fairly good to this day. However, this news is nothing but terrible. Having Seth MacFarlane on The Simpsons is bad enough, having The Simpsons on Family Guy is like LEGO teaming up with Mega Blocks.

But then again, money.

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Jeremy Sollie

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  • Chris Howard

    that sounds horrible.

  • pick up bart

    This idea sounds great, whats absurd is that you think the Simpsons are still good. They should have done this years ago, when I actually still watched Family Guy. Might actually watch this

  • Sergio Rossell Reyes

    meh, the simpsons lost its mojo long ago and family guy is just a pasting of pop culture references, so to me this news are actually crap over crap.

  • David

    I like playing football and dating girls, so I cant bring myself to sound out like a pitiful whiner that thinks Im so very important.

    I am looking forward to this crossover. The Simpsons has only gotten better over the years as they slowly broke away from the repetitive “Its all Bart and sometimes Homer” mantra episode after episode.

    Bring it.

  • JeremySollie

    Wow can you teach me to play

  • Red_Right_Returning

    And yet, “King of the Hill” is no more.

  • Wednesday Lee Friday

    Cash grab? Everyone involved with The Simpsons is already rich enough to buy their own US state. Was Seth also doing a “cash grab” when he appeared on The Simpsons last season?

    More likely, it’s to gain crossover fans or simply have fun working with people they wouldn’t normally. That said, what person wouldn’t go on The Simpsons if they had the opportunity to do so? I am also stoked to see the episode. Simpsons has grown and changed a lot over the years, but it continues to be one of the best family shows on TV.