That Horrible, TERRIBLE Actress Mary Louise Parker May Quit Acting Because The Internet Is Too Mean To Her

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If you can depend on the internet for two thing, it’s negativity and cruelty.  Just go to any post Season 1 The Killing comment board (hey-oh!)  Well the internet can be a wonderful thing that opens up creative and enlightening discussions about important topics affecting our modern world, it could also be your average Youtube comment section and make you want to kill yourself at literally every turn.  For most people now a days, the cruelty of the internet is an average thing—yeah you might have one douchebag harassing you on a comment board or something, but what does it matter?  They’re an anonymous person who you most likely will never met in person and thus care little about.  But for some people, the misbehavior and assholery of the internet is too much to handle—and apparently, Weeds actress Mary Louis Parker may be one of those people.  According to a recent interview, comments from the internet might even cause her to give up on her career in its entirety.

During an interview with a News Corp Australia for R.I.P.D., Mary Louise Parker revealed her plans to soon leave behind her profession, mostly due to mean things said about her on blogs, comment boards, and the like.  According to her:

“I’m not really that into it anymore…I don’t know how many more movies I wanna do. I wouldn’t mind doing a TV show again, I’d like to do a couple more plays, but I’m almost done acting, I think.  The world has gotten too mean for me, it’s just too bitchy. All the websites and all the blogging and all the people giving their opinion and their hatred … it’s all so mean-spirited, it’s all so critical.  It’s sport for people, it’s fun to get on at night and unleash their own self-loathing by attacking someone else who they think has a happier life – or something, I dunno.”

On the one hand, Mary Louise Parker’s statements leave me baffled a bit.  If this was Sarah Jessica Parker or Megan Fox, I would kind of get it—most people on the internet have nothing but mean things to say about actresses like that.  But is bashing Mary Louise Parker really a common thing?  Granted I’m not too familiar with her work but, from what I’ve seen of her, she seems to be a capable actress.  And either way, I really don’t read that much negative things about her.  Maybe I’m just not caught up on all the Louise Parker chatter or something, but she seems relatively well regarded to me.


That said, I can see how hundreds of negative comments could hurt the self esteem of celebrities.  Like I said, the internet is often a very mean place—if you don’t grow thick skin, you’re toast out there.  I’ve received plenty of mean comments in my day, but what can you do?  Just walk it off and move on with your life, that’s what I say.  That said, a few comment about how dumb I am for disliking The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t really compare to hundreds upon hundreds of mean things said about a person’s body, acting ability, or personality.  But once again, she’s a celebrity—stuff like that comes with the job as much as it does for opinion based bloggers like myself.  And if Mary Louise Parker can’t take the heat…well, she best stay out of the kitchen.

What do you think?  Is Mary Louise Parker’s comments warranted?  Are you sad to see here lose passion for acting because of this?


  • Jake Wilbanks

    Hold the phone, I don’t think we can simply use the excuse of “the internet’s the internet” for Parker’s comments and just say that she needs to grow tougher skin. The cynicism and pessimism of the internet is downright POISONOUS, and I think that it’s just been in the past couple of years that it’s really gotten almost unbearable. Geek culture is pretty much eating itself alive here. I can’t remember the last movie that the majority of the internet didn’t constantly complain about (often about the tiniest, most stupid things) and the same goes for people like Parker that the internet forgets are actually PEOPLE. The best example is Shailene Woodley’s downright shameful reception by the online community. I genuinely believe that if movies like Pacific Rim and Man of Steel had been released in, say, 2008 they would’ve been hailed as classics, and now we just pick them apart. If TDK had been released now we probably would’ve complained for days about the boat sequence. We can’t hardly find the good in anything anymore, and it’s embarrassing. We can’t just act like it’s something that’s never going to change about the internet and the online film community.

    Sorry to post a miniature editorial, but that bugged me.

  • Eh, I think it’s a lot more complex than “the internet complains too much.” I didn’t love Pacific Rim or Man of Steel because they had problems, because I wasn’t taken in with them as much as others doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring the good…both of those films have good elements that I enjoyed. But the bad just outshined the good in my eyes.

    But besides, not liking Man of Steel has little to do with people being mean to Mary Louise Parker. And well I agree that the internet should try to act like jerks a little bit less and stop being horrible people, there’s sadly little that can be done about it. So as a person, you just need to learn to not care. Some people can’t do that, which I agree makes things tough for them.

  • Jake Wilbanks

    That’s not my point though, my point is that these movies would’ve been regarded as “good” had it not been for the increasingly nitpick-y personality the internet’s taken on in the past few years.

    They have a lot to do with each other though; the breaking apart of Man of Steel and the attitudes that Parker’s addressing are the exact same hive mentality of cynicism and pessimism that I’m referring to. And there’s a TON that can be done about it, it’s not some irreversible, unchangeable attitude. These are still people we’re talking about, people that can be taught to be more positive and understanding that we’re still talking about other human beings. If this was in fact some unchangeable/permenant attribute of the internet, I could shake if off; but it’s not, far from. And because of that I can’t just sit back and not care about it. It’s draining.

  • I agree that the internet has become more and more criticial, and I also agree that it has a massive problem with treating actors like they’re characters, meaning that they can freely criticize them because they’re not real, they’re “created”. I don’t, however, (and this wasn’t really your main point) think that Pac Rim and Man of Steel would be hailed as classics had they come out in 2008. Pacific Rim is already considered a classic by some, but when Man of Steel is rocking a 56% (and a 77% audience rating, which is far below the usual 80-90% for almost any movie that comes out) it’s not because audiences have become more critical. For MoS especially, there are pretty big problems that even people who like the movie admit are there. When that happens, the movie shouldn’t be considered a classic. Enjoyment doesn’t equal quality, meaning, even if it’s the most fun you’ve had in a movie in years, that doesn’t mean it deserves to be in the ranks of Jurassic Park / Aliens or anything like that. And if you think audiences have become too jaded and easily pick movies apart, look at how beloved Fast Five and Furious Six are. They’re consistently dumb but consistently entertaining, not (occasionally) tonally jarring like Pac Rim and Man of Steel. People are still perfectly willing to turn the critical side of their brain off, the movies just have to earn it.

  • Grace

    Mary Louise Parker is a lifelong anorexic. She has a lot of self-image issues…ie, is overly sensitive.