Troy and Abed in mourning!

Look, you like Community, right? And you were probably unhappy when Dan Harmon was fired, then ecstatic when he was rehired, right? Well then I have some bad news for you. No, Harmon hasn’t set the production offices ablaze in a fit of drunken fury. (Yet.) This is about someone else. Donald Glover, who is one of your favorite actors on the show, and who gave an unnecessarily committed performance last season, is not going to be in this season of Community that much. By that I mean he will only be in five of the season’s thirteen episodes.

The news comes from Vulture, who say the decision was Glover’s, who wants to focus more on his music – he raps under the name Childish Gambino – and that both parties were able to agree to five episodes. So with the loss of Chevy Chase, the Greendale 7 will be the Greendale 5 1/2 for the upcoming season, leaving Dan Harmon and his writers in a difficult decision. I’m not sure how they’ll believably work around Troy for eight episodes – having Pierce out of two made season four feel odd. And while I enjoy Abed as a character, and the show has proven he can work while separated from Troy, severing that dynamic has the potential to tank this season.

Now season five, which was once met with groans, then exuberance, has returned to groans. Still, maybe Harmon and his crack staff will make the season work, and the Glover-shaped hole in the season will be filled with ingenius comedy and plotting. But realistically, things have suddenly taken a turn for the worse, and we’ll just have to wait until the season premiere to see how bad the damage is.


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