You have to hand it to director Martin Scorsese—even at the age of 70, the man is still finding new ways to surprise us.  In the past three years alone, he’s brought us a trio of documentaries, a psychological thriller, and a 3D family film.  And though all of these films share very little, they do have one thing in common—they’re all quite excellent.  Now Scorsese is back with his next film, the adaptation of Jordan Belfort’s autobiography The Wolf of Wall Street.  This project shows Scorsese tackling familiar stuff—drugs, mobsters, partying, and his 2000’s golden boy Leonardo DiCaprio.  But if the first trailer for the film is any indication, The Wolf of Wall Street is anything but standard.  If anything, it might be one of his most insane works yet…and that’s certainly an exciting prospect.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the trailer, I think this is one you kind of have to see to believe.  So here it is below, courtesy of the Paramount Youtube page:

So yeah…that was fucking brilliant.  I’ve seen this trailer at least a dozen times now, and it holds up literally every single time.  This trailer is certainly crazed, borderline non-sensical even.  But it’s also off the wall hilarious, and has so many little things in it that makes it such a good trailer.

One of the big things is the music, which is apparently a Kanye West song titled “Black Skinhead” that hasn’t even been released yet.  It’s bold, brassy, and perfect for nailing the tone of this trailer.  The editing is also brilliant, as things snap from one sequence to the next with the momentum of a freight train.  One moment Leonardo DiCaprio is spouting out lines about how rich he is, the next he’s cradling a chimpanzee in his arms.  Half of the time I couldn’t really keep up with what was going on, but that’s what makes the trailer so damn awesome.


And did I mention how hilarious it is?  When I first heard about this project, I expected a Departed-esque drama…but this is something different entirely.  Scorsese’s always had a twisted and fun sense of humor, and he shows it off quite well throughout this trailer.  And the seemingly strong script by Terance Winter certainly seems to help.

And a strong cast to read that wonderful dialogue to boot.  The cast of this film all seem to be doing a fantastic job if this trailer is any indication—Leonardo DiCaprio is putting on a wonderfully bombast accent and committing so much to his performance that it makes Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby look like child’s play.  Kyle Chandler pops up to be Kyle Chandler and lead DiCaprio to one of his best lines of the entire trailer (Duh!), and Jonah Hill even shows off his little accent work here too, which I think is just adorable.  Also adorable, being credited as “Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill.”  I liked him in Moneyball, but that still remains one of the most off the wall Oscar nominations in recent years.  Still, it’s always fun to see Hill play against type.


But the true star of this trailer might be Matthew McConaughey, who is continuing his damn near unstoppable rise in The Wolf of Wall Street.  I don’t know what he and DiCaprio were doing at the end, but I certainly liked it.  And honestly, that describes this trailer perfectly for me.  I don’t know why DiCaprio and pals are tossing a midget, eating cockroaches, or carrying around a chimpanzee.  But I’m certainly interested in finding out.  This is a fabulous trailer for a film that’s just shot up on my list of most anticipated for 2013.  With Scorsese involved, I doubt I’ll be disappointed.

The Wolf of Wall Street opens everywhere November 15, 2013.


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