We Want to Go To There: Our 30 Favorite Episodes of 30 Rock

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30Rock_TracyDoesConan9. Tracy Does Conan

For me at least, “Tracy Does Conan” was the episode that made me fall in love with 30 Rock.  Its madcap, 20-jokes-a-minute pace was really established here, as Liz rushed to fix Tracy before his big Late Night with Conan O’Brian appearance (remember that thing?)  Conan O’Brien did a good job playing Conan O’Brien, Tracy Morgan proved his worth to the show, and it was our first every introduction of Dr. Leo Spaceman.  A winner from start to finish, in my opinion.

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  • ddd

    No “Black Tie”?? Blerg! jk, whatever floats your boat

  • faulknerster

    “Cooter” and “Larry King” are probably two of my least favorite episodes.