We Want to Go To There: Our 30 Favorite Episodes of 30 Rock

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30RockReunion11. Reunion

We’ve seen this type of story many times before in both movies and television: the tortured high school student returns to her alma matter, now a successful adult and clearly better than the low life scum she used to call her classmates.  Well, that’s not the story of 30 Rock’s reunion episode.  No, 30 Rock came up with something much more clever, as the bullied Liz turned out to be the biggest bully of them all, as her constant jibs struck a cord in the hearts of her fellow classmates.  It was an awesome twist that lead to an even more awesome episode.


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  • ddd

    No “Black Tie”?? Blerg! jk, whatever floats your boat

  • faulknerster

    “Cooter” and “Larry King” are probably two of my least favorite episodes.