We Want to Go To There: Our 30 Favorite Episodes of 30 Rock

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30Rock_LarryKing3. Larry King

Despite the fact that the title might lead you to believe that this is another episode centered solely on a special celebrity guest, Tracy’s stint on Larry King is just a framing device for a madcap, insane episode as the Chinese stock market collapses and a crazy night in New York erupts.  From Jack’s confliction with his then girlfriend Alisa, to Liz and Kenneth’s adventure trying to retrieve Liz’s phone from a twisted cabby, and even the writer’s quest to earn Tracy’s secret stache of money hidden somewhere in 30 Rock, “Larry King” is an absolute winner of an episode from start to finish.

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  • ddd

    No “Black Tie”?? Blerg! jk, whatever floats your boat

  • faulknerster

    “Cooter” and “Larry King” are probably two of my least favorite episodes.