We Want to Go To There: Our 30 Favorite Episodes of 30 Rock

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30Rock_GavinVolure5. Gavin Volure

Remember how I mentioned a few titles back that Rosemary Howard wasn’t the show’s best one-off character?  Well, Gavin Volure is.  In my mind, Gavin Volure isn’t just an awesome episode of 30 Rock, but a return to form for Steve Martin, who really has not had the best millennium with films like Cheaper By the Dozen and The Pink Panther peppering his resume.  But 30 Rock reminded me just how funny Steve Martin could be, as his eccentric former millionaire Gavin Volure fit in wonderfully with this show.  Shame that we only saw Gavin once, but at least we got an awesome episode out of it.

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  • ddd

    No “Black Tie”?? Blerg! jk, whatever floats your boat

  • faulknerster

    “Cooter” and “Larry King” are probably two of my least favorite episodes.