One of the most talked about scripts of the past few years is Jonathan Nolan’s Interstellar. Steven Spielberg was once set to direct, but like many of Spielberg’s projects, it’s sat around intermediately with no sign of moving forward. Well it seems that since Spielberg was taking his sweet time, Christopher Nolan decided to help a brother out and direct the film. The Hollywood Reporter says talks are underway and we could see a confirmation soon.

What makes this news so shocking is that only hours ago this was floated as a potential Spielberg project. Spielberg’s next film Robopocalypse was just announced as indefinitely postponed, so many jumped to propose this as what he’d tackle next. Then, out of nowhere, news broke that Nolan was in talks to direct.

So will Spielberg stay on board and possibly produce? Who knows. If he does it’ll likely be little more than a credit. Still, seeing Spielberg and Nolan collaborating on a film is enough to make movie geeks spontaneously combust. What we do know is the film’s plot, however vague, which follows explorers traveling through a wormhole and all the time travel and alternate dimensions that would entail. So no, Nolan isn’t going to be making a $5 million dollar indie following his Bat trilogy. And as someone who wasn’t that wild about his last film, I’m very excited to see Nolan tackling what’s been hailed as one of the best unproduced scripts out there.

I’m curious if anyone is disappointed by this news. I definitely would have loved to have seen Spielberg direct this, but I can’t complain with Nolan behind the camera. That’s like the ice cream store being out of your favorite flavor so they give you twenty bucks. So what say you – are you excited that Nolan is directing this, or would you have rather seen it in the hands of the Beard?




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