Check Out Sharks, Dogs, and Especially Sharks In New Screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V


Who says movie buffs should be the only people to get a gift this Christmas in the form of pictures?  Rockstar doesn’t, apparently.  Ever the teasers, Rockstar has delivered five new screenshots for Grand Theft Auto V in an official blog post yesterday, and we have all five embeded below for your viewing enjoyment.  But the most important one is above.  And also, below again.  And screw it, I’ll post it on the Site Masthead, cause I don’t freaking care.  It’s sharks, bitches!

Yeah sure, there’s a lot of other cool things to be found in this picture (most notably a dog being a dog and doing dog things), but can you really do any better than a screenshot of a shark?  Not only does it get us in the perfect mode for the Pacific set San Andreas venue, but it’s also a picture of a shark.  So there ya go.  Here are all five pictures in order of awesome, which is basically shark>dog>jet>criminals>personal submarine thing.  Sorry personal submarine thing…I just don’t understand what you are, so I won’t respond to you.





Alright the more I look at these screens, the more I’m looking at these screens, the more I’m warming up to Dog more.  I think I just overreacted a bit because Shark was a shark, but Dog has a ton more interesting things going on.  For instance, he has a purple collar.  You see, it brings OUT the black of his fur!  That’s some genius color coordination there, owner-who-is-not-a-dog-nor-a-shark-so-does-not-warrant-a-name.

Who knows when we’ll actually see Grand Theft Auto V, though.  Rockstar currently has pre-orders set up for a Spring 2013 release date, but who knows if that will pan out.  If it does whoever, that will be just one more game in what is quickly shaping up to be an amazing year for them.  We’ll have more news about the future of Grand Theft Auto V when it becomes available.


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