The Funny Dad From ‘Modern Family’ Replaces The Murderous Jew Killer from ‘Inglorious Basterds’ in ‘The Muppets 2’

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Yeah, I don’ think I’ll ever be writing a headline quite like that ever again but, sadly, it’s true.  Everyone’s favorite little Jew Hunter, once held in contention for the villain role in The Muppets 2, has been replaced.  And not by another menacing evil doer, but by the hapless Phil Dunphy of Modern Family fame.  Yeah…it’s just a bit of switch.  Find out more about the casting and Waltz departure after the break.

Well, “departure” in a metaphorical sense.  Technically, Waltz was never signed on for the role in The Muppets 2; he was just “in talks” (yes, further proof why that word is annoying as hell).  But either way, Waltz wasn’t able to commit to the film due to scheduling issues, which meant the role had to be given to someone else.  And according to THR, Modern Family’s Ty Burrell is that man.  This one seems like more of a done deal than the Waltz casting, so expect this casting to stick this time around.

And if this was any other case, I would actually be pretty happy of Burrell getting a role in the film—he’s a very funny man, and perfectly suited for the bizarre and wacky world of The Muppets.  But it’s no secret that I was in love with the idea of Christoph Waltz playing the bad guy in the film and, despite the fact that the role was still given to someone equally talented, I still will always be thinking of what could have been.  Because Hans Landa and Kermit on the same screen could have been quite the amazing sight.

Scripted by Nicholas Stoller and James Bobin, with Bobin at the director’s helm as well, The Muppets 2 will be hitting cameras early next year for a (most likely) winter 2014 release date.