Superman’s in Handcuffs, Plus Lens Flares in the New Man of Steel Poster


Well we’re in December of 2012, which means that the year in movies is starting to slowly die down.  But hey, the cinematic year of 2013 is just beginning!  We’ve seen quite a few bits of advertising from the big movies of next year, from Pacific Rim to Star Trek Into Darknessbut we still haven’t seen a lot of Man of Steel aside from the teaser trailer and poster released last summer.  So just to remind us that this film is still one of the biggest ones hitting next summer, Warner Bros. has released a new poster for the film, showing Superman in a position he’s not really used to: being in custody.  Check it out after the jump.

Here’s the poster in full, and we’ll talk about it a bit afterwards:

So I actually REALLY liked this poster.  It’s simple, but effective, and it gets across the tone that this a Superman that we’ve never really seen before.  I also like how realistic the poster feels, with not a lot of Photoshop touch up that we’re used to seeing in posters now a days.  The only thing that bothers me about the poster is the strange lens flare in the background that is emmitted from the lamp behind Superman.  It’s just a TAD distracting and, well I generally like lens flares, this one felt gratuitous.  Other than that though, this is quite a strong poster, and I hope promises good things for the film.

Man of Steel soars into theaters (because he flies!) June 14, 2013.


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