A New Photo From Pacific Rim Has No Giant Robots or Killer Monsters, But Hey, There’s Idris Elba Looking Daper in a Suit!


So far at least, Pacific Rim seems to be one of the most “sci-fi” sci-fi films hitting this year.  And I say that in a good way—nothing gets me more hot and bothered than giant robots fighting Japanese sea monsters from another dimension.  But under that extremely geeky concept there is, apparently, actual people.  And a new… Read the full article

Top Chef Season 10, Episode 8 Review: “Jalapeno Business”


Top Chef’s eighth episode of the season marked one of its best, giving us more contestant backstory, a little cheftestant drama, and roller derby!  That’s right, the elimination challenge was centered around Seattle’s top-notch Rat City Roller Girls and their cheeky, trademark derby names, so this was definitely one of the more fun installments that… Read the full article