Watch Jimmy Pardo’s Pardcast-A-Thon 2012 Live Stream And Donate To Help Save Children’s Lives

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You’ve probably spent plenty of money today on Black Friday sales, but now you can use some money to help do something good. Jimmy Pardo, host of the Never Not Funny podcast, is doing his annual Pardcast-A-Thon, which is a 12-hour live-streamed podcast with celebrity guests. You can watch for free, but you can also donate money, which goes to Smile Train – an organization that provides kids with unrepaired clefts the free surgery they need.

You might not know Pardo, but his Never Not Funny podcast has gotten some of the biggest names in comedy to come in and joke around. Pardo does the Pardcast-A-Thon with his co-hosts Matt Belknap and Pat Francis, and has plenty of big name guests scheduled to appear on the show during the 12-hour runtime, including Scott Aukerman, Sarah Silverman, and Rob Corddry. Jon Hamm, Doug Benson, Conan O’Brien, and Bob Saget have already appeared.

Here is a live-stream of the Pardcast-A-Thon below. Spread the word and help donate to Smile Train! $250 pays for one surgery, and each surgery can be performed in only 15 minutes. On a day that’s infamous for overspending on things we don’t need, help turn the tide by helping others and getting some great comedy in return!