Geek Binge’s Holiday 2012 Buyer’s Guide: The Best Video Game Gifts You Can Give Your Resident Geek

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The Holiday Season is upon us, and with it comes the difficult decision of deciding what to buy. Geek Binge wants to help, so we’ve put together our Holiday 2012 Buyer’s Guide. Throughout the entire week, we broke down the best gifts you can get your resident geek.  In our final installment, we’ll be taking a look at video games. 


Mass Effect Trilogy (PS3/XBOX 360/PC)

Arguably the best trilogy of the current generation, the entire Mass Effect series is now available in a convenient, $60 box set! Well fans who already own the games need not apply, for those who haven’t played them, I can’t imagine a better set than this to find beneath their Christmas tree.  ($60.99)

The God of War Saga (PS3)

Not to be undone, the entire legend of Kratos is available on PS3 in one spectacular package. What’s included? Oh, just every single God of War game ever created, including HD remasters of the original trilogy AND ports of the two PSP spinoffs. Other than that, not much. For 38 dollars, you can give someone a hell of a deal with five truly great games. And with God of War: Ascension on the horizon, it’s a great way to prepare your friends and family (or maybe even yourself.)  ($39.95)


Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS3/Xbox 360)

Alright, this is the last HD collection on this list, I promise! Featuring three of the best Metal Gear Solid games in full HD and fitted for the Xbox 360 AND PS3, you can hardly go wrong with the $30 dollar bundle. Well other than the fact that, although Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 are included, the first game isn’t; instead, you get a port of the PSP’s Peace Walker. Still, all of them are great games that make for a hell of a deal.  ($29.99)

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