Geek Binge Roundtable: Our Biggest TV and Film Turkeys of 2012

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Sometimes, a film or TV show is so bad that it’s annoying.  Sometimes, something that was meant to be good turns out to bomb spectacularly.  And sometimes, we get pissed so much at these missed opportunities that we can’t help but go on crazy rants about them.  And when ALL THREE of these things are fulfilled , you know you have a turkey on your hands.   For those who have never head of the term before, a Turkey is basically something that annoys you to the point of rage.  Who knows how the hell that term came to be; maybe some turkey slept with a dude’s wife or something.  Whatever the case, 2012 was a big year for turkeys when it comes to TV and film and, with Turkey Day (a.k.a Thanksgiving) tomorrow, we thought it would be appropriate to break down some of the most memorable ones of the year.  Be warned though…there will be blood.

Matthew’s Pick: The Bourne Legacy

I mean, where the hell do I start?  The action is pretty lackluster, and really only takes place within two or three contained scenes.  The “new Bourne”, Aaron Cross, makes little of an impression, despite the fact that he is played by Jeremy Renner.  Furthermore, his overall goal is HUGELY unlikeable,But  and it’s really hard to associate with that character when so little effort is made in actually fleshing him out.  He’s Jason Bourne version 2.0, and that’s all the film ever wants him to be.

But by far the biggest travesty in The Bourne Legacy is the film’s borderline incompetent script, which throws away all the good aspects of the Bourne franchise and replaces them with…wolf fights?  And a search for prescription drugs?  There’s no real reason for this film to exist at all.  As I said in my review, the entire film can be broken down as such: a drug addict wants his, kills people, gets his fix, and then goes sailing for a bit.  There’s no purpose to The Bourne Legacy passed getting more money out of a finished franchise, and script going exactly NOWHERE just confirms the cash grab.

There’s plenty more that’s wrong with this film; absolutely wasting Edward Norton, making Rachel Weiscz an annoying shrew, having one of the worst and most abrupt endings to a film this entire year, ruining the “Extreme Ways” song…the list goes on and on.  A bastardization of a franchise if I’ve ever seen one, and a definite turkey for Universal AND cinema in general.

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