Five Things We Expect to See Out of Halo 5

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Halo 4 was released about two weeks ago, to (mostly) critical acclaim.  We ourselves greatly enjoyed the game, and found it to be a surprisingly great re-launch of the franchise.  That said, it IS a re-launch—from the start, Microsoft designed this to be the start of a new trilogy, dubbed by development team 343 Industries as “The Reclaimer Trilogy.”  And now that the first part of the trio is complete, we can’t help but wonder what 343 has awaiting us with the next entry in the franchise.  Here’s five of the things we expect to see out of Halo 5…and beyond.

Warning: From this point forward, this article will delve into the plot of the previous Halo games, including Halo 4.  So if you haven’t finished the game yet, be warned that spoilers ARE abound from here on in.

Cortana Will Be Back

At the end of Halo 4, it’s assumed that Cortana succumbs to her rampancy to save Master Chief’s life.  Well, I don’t think that’s the case.  I think we’ll have another Halo 3 situation on our hands, in which Chief has to work to rescue Cortana from the hands of the enemy (in this case, the Prometheans and the, if the final scene is any indication, still alive Didact).  This is the central relationship of the game and, well her demise is saddening, I sincerely doubt that 343 Industries would put so much effort into this subplot just to have it disappear at the end of the first game in the trilogy.  Rest assured, Cortana WILL be back in Halo 5.

The Return of Dual Wielding

This is more aesthetic than story, but I really feel like duel wielding small guns will return in Halo 5.  The concept was absence from Halo 4, something which confused me intensely at first.  But since then, I realized that Halo 4 was trying to ape Halo: Combat Evolved as much as possible, and that included leaving out the pivotal (for me at least) feature.  If Halo 5 will resemble Halo 2 more, than expect to see the concept return.

A (Somewhat) Explanation of Covenant Politics

Honestly, the big story thing for me that kind of bugged me in Halo 4 is the return of the Covenant as one of the many bad guys.  We seemed to make peace with them at the end of Halo 3 (a.k.a destroyed their entire hierarchy and brought their Elite forces to our side), so I thought the time of them being the enemy would be long gone.  But Halo 4 began and, from the very first level, you’re back to fighting Covenant.  The only explanation you really get for it is Cortana’s reasoning that “a lot can change in four years”, although you’re supposed to be led to assume that this is a splinter cell group of Covenant who refused to give up following their defeat.  The only problem with that theory though is the fact that this force contains a mixture of grunts, jackals, AND elites.  What happened that some Elite broke away from the Arbiter?  Last I checked, all of them were on the same side.  And the fleet itself is pretty substantial, enough to hint that something major went down with the Covenant to split them apart.  And well one of the problems with Halo 2 and 3 was the over explanation of Covenant politics/religion, I hope Halo 5 will try to clear things up a little bit in this regard.  And speaking of the Covenant…

The Return of the Arbiter

The Arbiter was an essential element of the first Halo trilogy, and his absence was sorrowely felt in Halo 4.  And well it made sense for him not to make an appearance in the game itself, I seriously thought they were going to tease his re-appearance after the end credits.  Sadly the after credits scene in Halo 4 was pretty throwaway, and did not reveal the return of one of our favorite Covenant elite.  Despite that though, I’m still certain that the Arbiter WILL return in Halo 5—playable or otherwise. He’s simply too important not to, and his return could lead into the reasoning as to why certain members of the Covenant turned on their allies.  Even if its just a tease at the end of the game, expect to see the Arbiter pop up SOMEWHERE in Halo 5.

The Flood WON’T Return

With luck though, the Flood won’t.  Even though the Flood are a cool enemy concept wise, they’re a pain in the ass to fight.  Furthermore, bringing the Flood back would be the OPPOSITE effect that the team at 343 seem to be striving for.  With Halo 4 they want to move the franchise forward in new and interesting ways; bringing the return of the Flood would just keep the series back.  The first trilogy was The Flood Trilogy.  This is the Reclaimer Trilogy.  And it should stay that way.  Thankfully I don’t think we have too much to worry about with this one.  343 is really trying to establish their own type of Halo game, and I think they know that bringing the Flood back would prevent that goal.  Still though…how cool would a Flood/Promethean hybrid look?!

And those are the five things we expect (or at the very least, HOPE) to see out of Halo 5.  What are you guys hoping for?  Be sure to let us know in the comments!


  • I can live & enjoy the remaining halos just as long that no intent is made to bring back dual wielding or the flood.Everything else is fine.

  • Darko

    Here’s the tl;dr version:

    1) Bring back old things.
    2) Bring back old things.
    3) Bring back old things.
    4) Bring back old things.
    5) Don’t bring back old things, because we’re trying be new.

  • clownshoe

    The covenant returning is explained in detail in the Halo books Glasslands and The Thursday war. It is a splinter faction which basically dont approve of the Arbiter (now in charge) letting humanity build up their forces again as this splinter group fears they’ll come back to finish what was started. They are also still religious nuts, and the hunters, grunts and jackals are just loyalists to this splinter group, obviously theyve maintained the same beliefs.

  • See, that description makes a lot of sense. Kind of wished it was in the actual game, but what can you do?

    Whatever the case, this expresses why The Arbiter needs to come back more than ever. Him bringing the Covenant together again could be his storyline for The Reclaimer Trilogy.

  • Well I can’t fight back that logic for 2 and 4, the rest aren’t just about bringing back old things and taking away old things. The first is predominantly built upon what was built up in Halo 4, and I doubt that 343 would have all that development for nothing. The third one too has NOTHING to do with the original trilogy; hell, if it was my pick, I would just not bring the Covenant back at all. But since they’re here, we should at least get a proper explanation as to why.

    And the Flood isn’t JUST about being new…it just has no place to exist in the Reclaimer Trilogy.

  • burken

    oh god no, just get new stuff. If i want to play dual wield then i’ll play halo 2 or 3.

  • Right9

    Bring back noble 6. At the end of Reach we all just assumed that 6 was killed off by the covenant. But moments before noble leader ordered the teams sniper to escort Halsey by chopper. When 6 was overwhelmed by the covenant Jun-266 could have easily taken them out. Bring back noble six! In my opinion he is more impressive than master chief because he

  • Raaandy

    Reading this, I don’t think Matthew knows much about Halo lore. With that being said, I think writing an article on what story elements to expect in the next Halo game is probably the last thing he should do. No offense Matthew, you’re a good writer.

  • Dirty Rakins

    Flood is a pain in the ass to fight….? lol its called easy normal heroic legendary, flood was the best thing campaign wise that ever happened to Halo and even in some of the waypoint videos they mention that the flood do exist on the halo rings, they should have the flood in halo 5 or 6 and they should bring Ai into the forge , like all the flood, covenant promethean, and human, if its coming out for the new xbox i think that would be a big and much appreciated change. Ranked playlists, clans, Small competative maps, and an MLG playlist and all the vehicles from every halo , dont know why some of these things arent even in halo 4 , i have to say gameplay wise halo 4 is awesome but on the content side like maps, and matchmaking playlists and ranking system is seriously broke, if you want to make the greatest Halo game to date then you need to listen to the fans that have played since the beginning.

    Sincerely, Dirty Rakins

  • bill

    here is what it needs
    2) invasion, headhunter, all those missing modes in 4
    3) Brutes, drones, and skirmishers
    and guys, the flood can be changed to be more fun to fight, my idea is that each enemy (grunts, hunters ect.) have a specific mutation when they get infected,
    4) FIREFIGHT FIREFIGHT PLEASE (it can be made to be better with prometheans and such)
    6) Better spartan ops, spartan ops so far is okay but too repetitive
    7) A easter egg or a character from Halo reach, maybe the noble team sniper (who survived in the end) returns and plays a minor role

  • the only thing they need bring back is the fucking true skill!!!!!!

  • Zach Jines

    Bro look I already read that the flood in our galaxy was defeated but one from another comes. The will be and arbiter but they are still thinking about cortana will be back or not and the should had playing as an Elite. They’re boss.

  • Jameboy

    I want the flood back. They made Halo single player that much better. Plus, wouldn’t it be great to play against them or as them in firefight? As for the Arbiter, wasn’t too big on him. It would be cool to see him again though.

  • Guest

    I think the flood will be needed in some way. They are to big in the Forerunners history to leave out.

  • Qboykiller3

    I feel like jun should come back because in halo reach he never really died. he could be alive

  • Patrick

    Ok, first of all, in Halo 3 you did’nt make peace with all of the covenant. It was just a part of the covenent you joined forces with. There were some covenent still fighting for the “Great journey”. So with that being said, the covenent still fights you yes!. But they should bring back the Flood, it isn’t over yet! There are still “Halos” we haven’t been to yet. So yes, the flood should return. And Cortana should return aswell, we don not want a repetition of Halo 3.

  • Hash Horse

    You do realize that each enemy does have a specific mutation. Jackals and Grunts turn into carrier forms, while, well, maybe you should look it up.