Wanna See The Evolution of the First Person Shooter? There’s An Infographic For That!

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Over the past 14 days, two of the highest profile video games of the year have been released: Halo 4 and Call of Duty: Black Ops II.  Both of these games are selling like hot cakes, as fans of each respective franchise show’s their love in the usual fashion—with their hard earned dollar.  Yes, to say the First Person Shooter genre is succeeding is an understatement—it’s the freaking juggernaut of the entire industry.  The genre’s gotten so big, it might be hard to remember exactly where it began in the first place.  Thankfully, we’re here to help with a handy dandy infographic!

This infographic was given to us by Rob Andersen,  and it’s pretty evident he spent quite a long time working on it from the sheer polish alone. Whatever the case, check it out below:

Dollars and Bonds

(Infographic conceptualized by Top10bestonline-casinos)

Pretty neat, huh?  Really goes to show just how new this genre actually is.  I mean, 32 years is nothing in the grand scheme of things.  Being at the precipice of such a huge thing as video games is pretty damn exciting, in my opinion.  Whatever the case, I’m sure the FPS will be here to stay for years to come.

This infographic is the work of Rob Anderson. Rob combined his love of crushing noobs in Call of Duty with his passion for data visualization and now makes a living crafting amazing video game based infographics such as this one.