Dexter Season 7, Episode 7 Review: “Chemistry”

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This week’s episode had some great scenes, some key advances in character and plot, and the most intense Isaak Sirko scene we’ve had yet.  We’ll be discussing the finer points as usual.  I’ve also decided that this is a good week to declare some Death Odds.  We’ll take a look at our major characters and discuss who are the most and least likely to perish in the next 5 episodes.  It’s all-important stuff, since Season Eight will be the last season of Dexter, and the final outcome has been decided.  Rampant Speculation: Engage!

Chemistry, we learned in tonight’s episode, is a thing that some people either have or they don’t.  Our hero tells us that Chemistry is an attraction that can’t be quantified or explained.  I’m sorry to be the one to break this to Dexter, but he’s kidding himself.  His attraction to the comely, murderous blonde is highly explainable.  To nutshell it: they have things in common and he likes blondes.  I want to think that Dexter is too smart to fall for Hannah’s obvious manipulations.  Did his conversation with Wayne Randall mean nothing?  Was Dexter listening at all?

Sal Price is this week’s fly in the ointment.  He buzzes around Dexter and Hannah, and plays Deb for details on Hannah’s murders.  We knew he was an opportunistic faux-journalist.  We learned this week that he’s actually a murderer himself—and wrote a book on his own murder.  You’d think a guy with so much to hide would perpetrate less extortion.  Sal’s death came a bit earlier than I expected, but we all knew he’d never make it to the end of the season.

LaGuerta is still pursuing the Bay Harbor Butcher case.  This is almost as bad as her reaction to the news that Sirko’s blood evidence came up missing.  Quinn’s feigned outrage at Angel questioning him was almost sad.  Having Angel trust and believe him had to hurt Quinn even worse than Angel doubting him.  When Quinn gives Batista $10,000 for the restaurant, we know he’s trying to make up for his…everything.

Dexter’s plan to kill Sirko as soon as he’s released makes good sense.  But Deb puts the kibosh on that for no good reason–except that weird morality trip she’s always on.  Sirko confronts Dexter and demands to know the real reason he killed Viktor.  Dexter’s answer includes a lecture on the Road Runner/Coyote dichotomy, and an extremely graphic description of the death of Sirko’s lover.  Isaak Sirko is not a man who goes around becoming visibly upset.  But in this scene, he looks close to tears.  There’s a long moment.  Sirko collects himself and delivers the terrifying line:

You’re gonna regret sharing that with me.

Only a fool would doubt his sincerity.

This week left a few loose ends open for us to ponder.  What exactly is LaGuerta piecing together?  Did Sal record his meeting(s) with Dexter?  What does Nadia know about the Russian mob that Quinn doesn’t know?  And why in the world would Quinn actually think he can stand up to an organized crime syndicate all by himself?  Seriously.  WTF Quinn?

Hannah.  She’s a murderess.  We know it.  Deb and Dexter know it, as did the late Sal Price.  What’s more, Dexter and Deb know that the other knows.  And Hannah knows that they both know.  With all of that knowledge, why the hell can’t Dexter see that she set him up on the Price murder?  Why didn’t he see the look in Hannah’s eyes when she was giving Deb the glare of death?  She’s lying about her husband, and about the fetus.  How could be possibly believe her bullshit about being a team?  Why is Dexter being so damn gullible?  I’m telling you, if she was a redhead, this would have ended 4 eps ago.

At the end of Chemistry, Deb asks Dexter for “justice.”  By justice, she means that she wants Dexter to murder Hannah, because Hannah is bad.  Congratulations Deb!  You wanted to be just like Harry.  Now you are.  I hope it was all you thought it would be, because now you’re corrupted and could die at any time.  Speaking of which:

Dexter Dead Pool

–Dexter Morgan:  Dexter will not die this season.  Duh, there’s going to be another season.  Odds of Death: 0%

–Vince Masuka: Our comic relief.  Masuka provides a lovable character who could never be effectively replaced this late in the series run.  Odds of Death: 10%

–Maria LaGuerta: Her pursuit of the Bay Harbor Butcher case makes her an important variable in the storyline.  Plus, everyone loves to hate her.  Odds of Death: 25%

–Jaime Batista: She’s so sweet and nice, and Harrison isn’t around much anymore, making her a less important plot point.  Now that Louis is gone, I think she’s safe for now.  Odds of Death: 45%

–Angel Batista: TV cops have a way of dying days before retirement, and Lt Batista is well on his way.  I’d hate it, but it’s likely—especially since things seem to be going so well for him.  Odds of Death: 60%

–Debra Morgan: A lot of fans thought our hero might have to kill his sister after the Big Reveal.  He didn’t.  It doesn’t look like he ever will.  But this season Hannah and Sirko are bound to try—and they’re both pretty good at killing.  Her death would also win Dexter a lot of sympathy.  Odds of Death: 65%

-Joey Quinn: Fans could argue that Quinn has already lived far too long.  He drinks too much, has giant issues with women, has suspected Dexter of numerous misdeeds, and is really kind of a jerk.  Now, he’s taking bribes, being extorted, and threatening guys who can squash him like a bug.  Odds of Death: 75%

–Hannah McKay: She’s a killer.  She’s a guest this season.  Law enforcement is on to her.  She’s lying to Dexter.  Seems unlikely that she’ll make it out alive.  Odds of Death: 80%

–Nadia: An exotic dancer with no last name is the cop-show equivalent of a Red Shirt.  No, Dexter isn’t exactly a cop-show, but it still seems unlikely that Quinn will be able to keep his promise of keeping Nadia safe.  Odds of Death: 85%

–George and Jurg: I’m lumping Sirko’s henchmen together for simplicity’s sake.  Honestly, one of them might actually live, but it’s far more likely that they will both die.  Odds of Death: 90%

–Isaak Sirko: I would love to see this guy live.  I think he respects Dexter, and possibly vice versa.  Avenging his murdered lover doesn’t make him a bad guy—though he has been involved in a few mafia related fatalities.  We’ve all watched Dexter long enough to know that the villain dies at the end of the season.  I really would love to see more Sirko though.  Maybe after Dexter ends, Showtime can give him a spinoff: Sirko Goes Beserko.  Who wouldn’t watch a show about gay Russian mobsters?  My own TV fantasies aside, it doesn’t look good for Mr. Sirko.  Odds of Death: 98%

This is not one of the better eps of the season.  Things are plodding forward and people are getting themselves where they need to be for coming eps.  No worries though, because with the halfway point well behind us, this season has nowhere to go but AWESOME.

See you’s next week!


  • Sal did not kill anyone! Dexter was setting him up so he would leave him and Hannah alone.

  • “Our hero tells us that Chemistry is an attraction that can’t be quantified or explained.” I’m sorry to be the one to break this to Dexter, but: Stoichiometry. You’re welcome.