Box Office: Skyfall Opens Huge On Friday, Set to Become the Highest Grossing Bond Yet

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First off, I was really trying to come up with a cool pun to describe Skyfall’s success…but couldn’t really think of any good ones.  So the headline is breaking things down EXACTLY as they are—Skyfall has opened huge, and has surpassed the record for the highest Bond opening ever. How far can this film go?  Well, you could say THE SKY’S THE LIMIT FOR SKYFALL.  Damn…should have used that one.  Anyways, Skyfall is off to a fantastic start…and for good reason.

I think most people loved Skyfall (we certainly did), and for good reason; it’s a pretty great film, and does justice to the James legacy (while at the same time pushes the franchise forward in cool and interesting ways).  And if its ‘A’ CinemaScore is any indication, audiences are taking notice.  The film took in $30.8 million on Friday alone which, if that was its ENTIRE gross over the weekend, would still be the 4th highest opening weekend gross since The Bourne Legacy in August.  That’s either depressing for the industry, or awesome for Bond…kind of hard to tell.

Whatever the case, Skyfall is projected to make a sweet $80 million this weekend, with the previously mentioned excellent word of mouth really helping it out.  This sets Skyfall as the highest all time opening weekend for a Bond movie, surpassing only the previous entry in the franchise, Quantum of Solace, which took in $69 million over roughly the same time period in 2008.  Considering how this franchise has gone on for fifty years and close to two dozen films, that’s more than a little amazing.  The way things are going though, the power of the Bond series won’t be lessening anytime soon…Bond 24 is already in development, as a matter of fact.

Whatever the case, that $80 million gross is just a projection—we’ll have actual numbers for the film on Monday for our weekly Box Office Briefing.  Whatever the case, it’s all but assumed that Skyfall is a massive success for Sony/MGM…and was well worth the four year wait.