The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 4 Review: “Killer Within”

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Even in a crazy world of zombie chaos, Rick Grimes is still a man of law and order.  Despite all the people he’s had to kill and zombies he’s had to slay, Rick still likes to believe that good people should be rewarded, and bad people should be punished.  Which puts him obviously at odds with the two remaining prisoners of the prison.  Honestly, I don’t think Rick wanted to keep the prisoners separate simply due to fear for the safety of the group.  He’s a cop; as he expressed in his token “I WAS A COP AND THIS WAS THE MISTAKE I MADE” story, Rick believes that people who committed crimes belong in prison, no if, ands, or buts about it.  Let’s see if a complete and utter clusterfuck in the prison will change his mind, though!  One thing’s for sure…it made quite an awesome episode.

The main opposition to Rick’s decision is T-Dog, who feels like the prisoners, regardless of what they may or may not have done, are still people.  So of course he’s dead by the end of the episode.  Following the death of Dale in last season’s “Judge, Jury, and Executioner”, it seems like everyone who sides against Rick is just asking to be murdered in the most brutal way possible.  Seriously guys, don’t fuck with this guy.

But hey, T-Dog wasn’t the only person we had to say goodbye to in “Killer Within.”  Lori also bite the bullet in this episode…but screw her. NO, NOT T-Dog!  Even though T-Dog’s far from a great character, I’ve had a ton of fun witnessing him add little to the group and being a general nuisance to the team as a whole.  It was fun to make fun of you, T-Dog…and we’ll always remember you for that.  R.I.P.

But I will give Lori’s death this; it was pretty powerful considering how much I disliked that character.  Seeing Carl kill his own mother was pretty brutal emotionally, and juxtapositioning the scene in which Rick told Carl that there was no “kids stuff” anymore was pretty great.  I feel there’s a ton of interesting you could do with Carl going forward, and I hope the show will focus on his loss of innocence more and more.  And Rick’s cries as he learns that his wife was dead was…wow.

But following last week’s episode, this was certainly a return to the zombie killing roots of The Walking Dead.  There was a tons of carnage in this episode, maybe only matching the Season 3 premiere in terms of pure tension and action.  Having Andrew return was pretty surprising, but I guess that answers the question of who was watching Carol back in “Sick.”  And it was worth it to see Oscar prove his worth to the group.  But was it enough to sway Rick’s trust?  We’ll see but, one things for sure…he’s not going to be in the best state of mind following the death of his wife.

The Walking Dead is continuing its meteoric third season rise, and boy is it a pleasure to witness.  This episode really had it all; fantastic action, wonderful emotional beats, and just an overall sense of movement that Season 2 was severely lacking.  “Killer Within” was pretty damn stellar, and I can’t wait to see where this show will progress in Season 3.  We’re only a fourth of the way through the season, folks…and we may have already gotten the best episode of the show yet.

Holy shit.

Loose Ends:

• Not too much happened with the other side of the story over in Woodbury. We all know Andrea and Micchone will have disagreements over staying in the town though, and seeing those two at ends with each other should be interesting.
• I’m sure a ton of fans cheered when Lori died, didn’t they? Honestly, I would cheer louder if it was Andrea…but I’ll take what I can get.
• Did The Walking Dead just have a sex joke? Swell job, Darryl.
• What happened to trimming the leg off of Hershal’s pants, Beth? C’mon…contribute a little to the group!
• Yeah, cripple attack! Good job, Hershal.
• “How come we never hooked up?” Damn Merle’s straightforward.
• In the words of Meelo: “Not now, baby!”
• C’mon Maggie, just follow the previous C-section. Like tracing!
• So what happened with Carol?
• Did Carl just have a Lassie moment with his mother? “No Maggie…she’s my mom.”
• Next week’s episode will center on feeding the newborn. Aw…its only been alive a day and its already a pain in the ass…just like its mother.


  • john

    Thank FUCK that bitch is finally dead!! I was wondering why she was getting so many lines, and so much screen time…..her time was nigh! Best part of the episode! But, I still find it completely surprising that they are ALL still so fucking stupid! Does no one do checks on the property? Effing morons!