Office Spin-Off ‘The Farm’ Goes To The Great Farm In the Sky, Where It Will Play With the Rabbits and Nazi Uncles Forever

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When news first broke out that Paul Liberstein and Rainn Wilson were developing an Office spin-off about the great adventures of Dwight and the Schrute Family on their beet farm, I don’t think there was a single person who was excited to see the show.  If you happen to be that person, you’re either very optimistic or very stupid.  Whatever the case, casting began to pick up for the pilot, and it seemed like a sure thing that, following the end of The Office, NBC would commission The Farm to take its place.  But today, we learned that wasn’t the case.

The news was first broken over on Rainn Wilson’s Twitter feed.  Here’s the text of Wilson’s tweet:

“Farm Update: NBC has passed on moving forward with The Farm TV show. Had a blast making the pilot – onwards & upwards!”

Despite my obvious disinterest in this project, I’m still surprised NBC didn’t pick it up.  The Office still remains their most successful comedy, and you would think they would want to keep it going in any way possible moving forward.  Their decision not to pick up the show must mean one thing: it was really, REALLY bad.  Enough to make them think no one will watch it, at least.

Still, I will say I’m happy about the news.  Now Dwight will stay on full time for the final season of The Office instead of the initial 13 episodes.  An Office filled solely with doucebag Andy and an arguing Pam and Jim sounds miserable…even more miserable than what we have now.  So what I’m basically saying is I’d rather have Dwight finish his run on the show he started on rather than run off half way through to manage a bed and breakfast.

Whatever the case, we’ll at least be able to see the “backdoor” pilot for the show with an upcoming episode of The Office entitled “The Farm”, in which all of Dwight’s family who WOULD have starred in the spinoff are introduced.  And yes, that includes the Nazi Uncle.  Oh yes…there’s going to be a Nazi Uncle on The Office.

It’s DEFINITELY the final season.


  • Sounds like that’s going to be a painful episode to watch.

    “The Office still remains their most successful comedy”

    Are we talking all time here? Or are we talking right now? Certainly Seinfeld was at least AS successful, wasn’t it?