Things Just Got Interesting: David Fincher Might Be Interested in Directing Star Wars: Episode VII

by Matthew Legarreta

Can you believe it’s been little over a month since news broke out that Lucasfilm was developing a new Star Wars film?  Since then we’ve seen a barrage of rumors from the film, from casting rumors to director choices and everything in between.  Well we have our own personal choice of who we want to… Read the full article


Arrow Season 1, Episode 7 Review: “A Muse of Fire”

by Kristina Rettig

Arrow returned from last week’s solidly entertaining episode with a passionless, drab installment that really should have gotten us excited about a new love interest for Oliver (thank GOD).  But the love interest that we got, this “Muse of Fire” (seriously?!), Helena, was a not only a bad shot, but a complete wet blanket, and added… Read the full article

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 8, Episode 7: “Frank’s Back in Business”

by Jeremy Sollie

After a fantastic start to the season, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia had a slight hiccup with its last episode. Did they go to a doctor and fix the problem, or have they hit a mid-season lull?


Word of Mouth: ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, ‘Django Unchained’, and ‘The Hobbit’ Are Set To Impress This Holiday Season

by Jake Wilbanks

Kathryn Bigelow has been in the filmmaking game for the past 30 years, but she didn’t really gain acclaim until 2010 for her commentary on the jarring, stark reality of war, “The Hurt Locker”. She set an incredible legacy before her in 2010 by becoming the first woman to ever win Best Director at the… Read the full article


Edgerton, Marsden, and More Fight to Serve with the Guardians of the Galaxy

by Jake Wilbanks

With Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Thor: The Dark World,  and Iron Man 3 all enjoying their moment in the spotlight with production photos, casting announcements, and even sleek and shiny new trailers being released in the past few weeks, it was only a matter of time until Marvel’s next, most ambitious project, Guardians of… Read the full article