Giveaway: Celebrate Halloween In Style With a Free Copy of The Walking Dead Video Game Episode 4

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Halloween is just around the corner, and zombies are as popular as ever.  And really, you can only blame one thing for that…The Walking Dead.  The popular comic book has been spun off into a successful TV show and now, a successful video game.  Heralded as one of the finest games of the year, The Walking Dead Video Game has just released its penultimate installment, the fourth episode entitled “Around Every Corner.”  So to prepare you for the final release of the season (set to come out in November), we’ve worked with Telltale Games to give you guys a free digital copy of the penultimate chapter of the game’s first season.  Hit the jump to find out how you can snag yourself the code.

So we’re making entrance into this one extremely easy, guys.  Simply leave a comment below with your name and favorite zombie related property.   It can be anything from Resident Evil to The Walking Dead itself, but you just have to pick one to be entered.  If you’re all shy and what not (come on, we won’t bite!), you can also email your entry to with the Subject “Walking Dead Contest.”

And you know what?  We’re so nice we’re going to offer you ANOTHER way to get an entry into the contest.  Simply follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook page, and it will garner you another entry into the contest.  Best of all, if you do all three (like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and leave a comment/email), you’ll get THREE entries into the contest.  Yeah, I know….we spoil you.

Anyways, you have until November 2 to enter.  After that, a winner will be chosen on November 3 and emailed their downloadable code.  And one more thing, the code we have is for the XBOX LIVE ARCADE version only.  Well we wish we could accommodate our PS3 readers too, we simply couldn’t.  Maybe next time, guys.

Anyways, get on entering!


  • Blake

    Please give me the walking dead episodes ive been streesing out about this game. My favourite zombie was the little boy in the attic.