A Black List Screenwriter/Adam Sandler Movie Editor Extraordinaire Is Re-Writing the Mass-Effect Movie

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To think, we still haven’t had a really good video game movie.  Hollywood has been trying since the 9o’s, and still hasn’t achieved even a modicum of quality.  Pretty much all of them have been terrible.  And well I don’t think that video game movies themselves are fatally flawed from the ground up (that’s an ignorant way of thinking), I certainly think that Hollywood is adapting the wrong products.  Could the Mass Effect property be the video game franchise Hollywood has been searching for?  Could a Mass Effect Movie actually be a success?  Well, a certain Adam Sandler c0-editor is certainly go to try!

According to Variety, screenwriter/editor Morgan Davis Fohl has been tapped by Legendary Pictures to re-write the script to the Mass Effect movie.  The first draft was written by Mark Protosevich, best known for penning the scripts for I Am Legend and Thor.  According to Variety, Fohl was hired because “producers sparked to Foehl’s take on the project, given that he is a Mass Effect fan, but also has penned action pics with a strong espionage bent, something that factors into the overall plot of the Mass Effect games.”  Which is strange, because I was almost certain that Fohl caught Legendary’s eye with his amazing assistant editing on Click or I Know Pronounce You Chuck and Larry!  

Joking aside, Fohl isn’t exactly nearly as bad as some of his pedigree might indicate.  For one, he made the Black List (a list of the most popular and renowned scripts in Hollywood) back in 2009 with his screenplay entitled Whatever Gets You Through the Night.  And since he’s a fan of the game, hopefully he won’t do a horrible job of adapting the story.  Still, this film is still a huge question mark for me.  Well it has the potential to be amazing, it also seems like it could easily go bad in the wrong hands.  At the same time though, it’s a better property to adapt than say, The Sims.  I just hope that all the pieces will fall into place to make Mass Effect the property that finally breaks the video game to movie adaptation curse.  If any property could, it would be Mass Effect.*

*Or Bioshock.  Or Metal Gear.  Or Uncharted.  Seriously Hollywood…you got a ton of options here.