Rumor Mill: Are Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson Up for Captain Marvel in The Avengers 2?

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Oh British tabloids, what would we do without you?  Unlike our tabloids here, the British tabloids actually have some use; providing us with ridiculously off based and completely made up movies news that no one believes, but wants to talk about anways.  Oh can anyone forget The Sun’s report that Eddie Murphy was being attached to play The Riddler in The Dark Knight Rises?  That was pure journalism at its finest, wasn’t it?  This time around, it’s The Daily Mail’s turn, and they’re switching gears from DC to Marvel.  Are Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson up for contention in The Avengers 2?  We seriously doubt it, but let’s talk about it anyways!

According to The Daily Mail, “Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson are head-to-head in a race for the most sought-after new female role in Hollywood.”  Because this role that they TOTALLY didn’t make up is really sought after.  Yeah, you might have never heard about this role even existing, but DAILY MAIL KNOWS!  Trust us guys, they know everything.  And when this seemingly important piece of news is awkwardly crammed in the middle of an article talking about a fashion designer having to drop the price of her apartment, you know it’s legit.

So yeah, this rumor obviously isn’t true (or, at the very least, wasn’t purposely discovered by The Daily Mail).  But since this is just one of those silly tabloid rumors, all we can do is discuss it.  So what do you think…would Captain Marvel work in The Avengers 2?  Personally, I think so.  Black Widow could use a new gal pal in the team for the sequel, and Captain Marvel would fit the bill just fine.  Captain Marvel (0r as she used to be known, Mrs. Marvel) isn’t exactly a popular character, but so wasn’t Thor, Black Widow, or Iron Man.  So gauging her inclusion in the film strictly based on her popularity would be the wrong thing to do.

As for Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson tackling the role…sure, I guess.  I like Blunt, and it would certainly make sense for Disney to consider her (she was set to play Black Widow long ago, but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts).  As for Wilson, I can’t say much.  I haven’t really seen anything she’s been in, but she has a good resume, what with Luther and the new Anna Karenina set to come out later this year.  Casting her would also make sense too, since she’s the female love interest in Disney’s Lone Ranger.  So if this role actually does exist (which it probably doesn’t), then either actress would be good for the (almost certainly fake) gig.

Anyways, what do you guys think?  Would you like to see Captain Marvel join the Avengers?  And no, I’m not talking about the DC character.  That…confused me too.  Goddamn comic books.