Guess What? The Characters in S.H.I.E.L.D. Sound a Lot Like Joss Whedon Characters

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When word came around that Joss Whedon and his cohorts were developing a S.H.I.E.L.D TV series, many questions came about. Would it feature characters from the film’s? Would it introduce Marvel characters from the comic book? Would every episode end with the entire cast breaking down what they learned that day well eating sweet, sweet shawarma? Well that question still hasn’t been answered yet (when will you return my letters, Joss?!), we have some confirmation of what we can expect the Characters in S.H.I.E.L.D. will be. And just like Joss previously said, all the regulars seem to be characters new to the Marvel Universe. BUT ARE THEY?!

Yes..they are.

The character descriptions come courtesy of TVLine, although you probably shouldn’t take these as anything more than base descriptions. Names, details, relationships, and more could change before filming actually begins on the pilot (it wouldn’t be the first time). But here’s how the cast list looks to be at this point:

Skye: This late-20s woman sounds like a dream: fun, smart, caring and confident – with an ability to get the upper hand by using her wit and charm.

Agent Grant Ward: Quite the physical specimen and “cool under fire,” he sometimes botches interpersonal relations. He’s a quiet one with a bit of a temper, but he’s the kind of guy that grows on you.

Agent Althea Rice: Also known as “The Calvary,” this hard-core soldier has crazy skills when it comes to weapons and being a pilot. But her experiences have left her very quiet and a little damaged.

Agent Leo Fitz and Agent Jemma Simmons: These two came through training together and still choose to spend most of their time in each other’s company. Their sibling-like relationship is reinforced by their shared nerd tendencies – she deals with biology and chemistry, he’s a whiz at the technical side of weaponry.

So yup…everything seems to represented here. The tough guy with a temper. The emotionally scared badass. The seemingly perfect heroine who can more than handler herself. And of course the awesome nerds, who’ll probably be quipping away with all the funny Whedon jokes. Yeah, things look real familiar things for Whedon fans. But honestly, that’s not such a bad thing. Even though a lot of his characters have things in common, Whedon has a way of embedding them with special little quirks that make them all seem distinct from one another. And most of the time they are all very well defined and fun to hang out with on a weekly basis, something TV shows have a huge problem with now a days (looking at you, Revolution and The Walking Dead). So yes, this cast list is familiar…but still perfect.

What do you think? Are you excited to see these characters come to life on the small screen. And more important—who should play them?