Christoph Waltz Will Be Hunting Muppets Now (and Not Jews) in The Muppets 2

by Matthew Legarreta

One of the best acting discoveries of the past few years has to be Christoph Waltz.  When Quentin Tarantino cast the actor in Inglorious Basterds, I didn’t know what to think.  Aside from a couple dozen roles in some films in his native home of Austria, Waltz was a relative unknown.  But Tarantino’s gamble paid off, with… Read the full article


Wishlist: The Six Directors We Want to See Tackle The New Star Wars Films

by Matthew Legarreta

Ah yes, the list the entire universe (including us) saw coming yesterday. After the news that Lucasfilm was developing a new Star Wars trilogy came out, the first question fans asked was obvious; what the hell would it be about?  And well we talked about the direction in which the new trilogy could go in… Read the full article


Treme Season 3, Episode 6 Review: “Careless Love”

by Jared Russo

Note: I apologize for the lateness of this review, sometimes life catches up and fucks you over real good when you least expect it. Anyways, we move forward with episode 6! A good friend of mine, who is currently living deep in the heart of Texas working on his Masters, called me up and asked… Read the full article

Five Directions Star Wars: Episode VII Could Go In

by Matthew Legarreta

Earlier today, it was revealed that Disney has purchased Lucasfilms, the production company behind Star Wars and Indiana Jones.  Oh, and Willow.  Everyone forgets about Willow…but I digress.  Now that Disney has officially purchased the company, a variety of questions come to mind: will they release more Indiana Jones movies?  Will Star Wars: The Clone Wars air on Disney Channel now?  Will… Read the full article

Disney Buys LucasFilm and Announces 2015 Release Date For Star Wars: Episode VII; World Explodes

by Jeremy Sollie

Well that was unexpected. For many years we watched as George Lucas deteriorated creatively before our eyes, but now Disney has swooped in to save LucasFilm and announce that Star Wars: Episode VII will be released in 2015.