5 Things That Will Happen During the Breaking Bad Season Five Finale

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Curses, can you believe it? We only have five days left until this season of Breaking Bad is over. I know, it does feel like it’s barely come back. Well, blame AMC and their insistence on splitting the final sixteen episodes in half. Now, instead of getting one gigantic season of 16, we’re getting two batches of 8 over a two year time period. Well this is a little infuriating, look at the bright side; at least we’ll have another season to enjoy Breaking Bad! I don’t know how I’m going to react when it’s gone. Anyways, let’s talk about less depressing things! We still have one episode left this season, and a ton of things can possibly go down. Here’s five plot points we’re sure will come back in the Breaking Bad Season Five Finale!

The Flash Forward Will Continue

It’s been a crazy eight episode run, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you forgot where things began this season; Walt, at a Denny’s, celebrating his 52nd Birthday alone. Episode four of this season, Walt was celebrating his 51st Birthday with his (slightly uninterested) family members. Vis-a-vis logic, we can assume that the cold open in the season premiere was a flash forward. At the time, everyone assumed we would continue to see the Flash Forward play out throughout the season. But so far, we haven’t. I’m willing to bet that will change in the season finale, though. Mark my words; this element is too important just to drop. We will see more of future Walter White.

Jesse Will Find Out At Least One of the Many Horrible Things That Walt Did to Him

The list of things that Walt has done to Jesse is pretty disturbing. More disturbing, however, is the fact that Jesse doesn’t know about his involvement in any of them. He doesn’t know that Walt let his former girlfriend die of her drug overdose when he was mere inches away from her. He doesn’t know that Walt poisoned his other former girlfriend’s son, forcing Jesse’s hand into helping him. He doesn’t know that Walt tricked him into believing that the ricin cigarette was just hanging out in his Roomba. And now, I’m assuming he won’t know that Mike, his friend and (somewhat) mentor, was murdered by Walt’s hand. At this point in time, it’s almost a necessity that Jesse finds out about at least ONE of these. Going into the final season, I think he needs to be almost completely against Walter White. And finding out about one of these secrets is the only way to make that happen.

Hank Will Finally Find Out

Alright, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that, in the final episode of Season 5 of Breaking Bad, Hank will FINALLY find out that Walt is the notorious Heisenberg. In fact, I think this episode will end with that (potentially wonderful) reveal. For almost 50 episodes now, Hank has been looking for the man producing his mystery blue meth. For five seasons, his been close on Walt’s trail. And by the end of Season 5, I’m willing to bet all the close encounters over the past few years will finally be worth it, as Hank finally finds out that his beloved brother-in-law is the man his been searching for. And what a wonderful moment it will be.

One of Walt’s Family Members Will Be Harmed

Let’s revisit the flashback for just one more moment. In it, Walt was celebrating his birthday. Sad, and alone. He was in ABQ, but none of his family were with him. He had a fake ID, and looked quite disheveled. Also, he had a gigantic fucking assault rifle—but for what? Why did he purchase the gun? Well, I’m guessing for revenge. I’m going to assume that something had happened to his family, that Skylar was right all along. The meth business was simply too dangerous for his family to be left unscathed. This one’s a little harder to justify, however, because Walt’s not really in immediate danger right now. But he wasn’t at the end of Season 2 either. And we all know what happened there.

The Ricin Will Come Back Into Play

Despite all the times that Ricin has been made on this show, can you believe its actually NEVER been put to use? They didn’t use it for Gus, Tuco, or the gangsters that Jesse wanted murdered. Despite seeming like a Deus Ex Machina of murder, our heroes (?) have never had this easy way out. That said, at the beginning of Madrigal, Walt was seen stripping the ricin cigarette of its ricin capsule in an effort to place the blame of the missing item on Jesse. But did he just throw away the cigarette? Hell no; he stored it in the electrical socket panel next to his bed. Breaking Bad isn’t the time of show that will do that for no reason. This is Chekhov’s Ricin and, mark my words, it will come back into play somehow.

And there you have it, the five things we bet will happen during the Season 5 finale of Breaking Bad. What do you think will happen? Also, be sure to check out our list of things that probably WON’T happen during the finale. Damn shame, really…zombie Gus and Mike seemed like a perfect duo.


  • I really hope we see all these things happen.

  • Walt’s gonna kill Skyler in 508.

  • Don’t forget the guy that Saul knows that can make Walter disappear. If you remember the season premier Walter has out of state license and tags. He could use that out and then be dragged back to use that gigantic gun.

  • ‘Might’ would have made a better title… Gotta get those hits… -_-

    1: Vince has said that we will most likely not find out what happened at the beginning this season.

  • Eh, it was mostly to assert the confidence that I feel in these predictions. I’m pretty certain all of those things will happen.

    Also I agree, we may not find out exactly what happened. But we will go back to the flash forward and see more developments there, similar to how we revisited the pink teddy bear consistently through Season 2.

  • 2/5

  • Yeah well, you win some you lose some. And for what it’s worth, I got the big one right.