Five Directors Who Should Tackle the Expendables 3

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A couple weeks ago, The Expendables 2 hit theaters nationwide with guns a blazing. Despite not besting the opening weekend numbers of the first film, Stallone seems pretty committed on making an Expendables 3 (hell, he already has Nicolas Cage, Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes, and Clint Eastwood on his wish list). Stallone may have plans for cast additions, but what about the director? Stallone took the job the first time around, but passed on the duty to Con Air director Simon West for the sequel. Well West did a fine job, having a really awesome action director tackle the next film could prove beneficial for the third entry in the franchise. So if Stallone is really serious about doing this (and if Lionsgate approves), here’s the five directors who should tackle the Expendables 3.

John McTiernan

The Expendables has always been a franchise built almost solely on 80’s nostalgia. Most of the cast are stars from that time period, and the action itself resembles what you might see in a cheesy, 80’s era B-action movie. So why don’t you bring the directing king of 80’s action movies himself; John McTiernan. McTiernan directed such action classics as Predator, Die Hard, and ROLLERBALL. But no, really…The Hunt for Red October. McTiernan has been pretty inactive over the past decade, mostly due to…well, prison. But handing over the reigns of The Expendables franchise to him would prove very beneficial for everyone involved, and would skyrocket the 80’s throwback ideal to astronomical height. Also, he can blow up shit real good.

Michael Bay

Speaking of blowing up shit real good…hello, Michael Bay. Yes, I know; Michael Bay has a less than perfect resume, with filth like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and Armageddon sprinkled in his resume. But if you can say anything about Bay, it’s that he can do action really damn well. And since the whole appeal of The Expendables is the action, how could having that trait possibly be a bad thing? As long as his Transformer screenwriter pal Ehren Kruger stays far away, I think we’ll be okay. If that was to happen, Terry Crews would become an illiterate farm hand and Sylvester Stallone would start humping his gun in an instant.

Justin Lin

Five years ago, I would never have included Justin Lin on this list. And if you suggested him to me, I’d probably laugh you out of the room. But that was when the director was only known for some weird indy movie and directing a sub par installment of the Fast and Furious franchise. But Lin really surprised me last year with Fast Five, his third entry in the Fast and Furious series. He managed to not only reinvigorate a stale franchise, but to deliver the best one yet that even made ME, a non-fan of Fast and Furious, a fan. I don’t know where his directing prowess came from, but Hollywood certainly took notice; Lin is up for almost every action movie in development at this point. And for good reason; he has a fine eye for action and, unlike most directors today, uses far more practical effects than CGI. Given the chance, Lin could knock Expendables 3 out of the park.

Gareth Evans

Speaking of action directors who came out of nowhere, 2012’s is definitely the year of Gareth Evans. His first ever film, The Raid: Redemption, has been released with much acclaim, with some calling it the best action movie we’ve had in years. While he has a Raid sequel in development, his slate is mostly clear other than that. Even though the true awesomeness of The Raid is its incredibly choreographed fist fights, I’m sure that—given the chance—Evans can make things blow up like no man’s business. And like I said—it’s the Expendables. All I want is for things to blow up.

Peter Berg

Poor Peter Berg. For the longest time, his career seemed to be pretty solid. He was everywhere as an actor, and was a part of the insanely popular Chicago Hope. He then moved on to directing, and made a name for himself by directing such works as Friday Night Lights and The Kingdom. But his career has really taken a slump in the past few years, with filth such as Battleship and Hancock decorating his resume. But the real reason he gets a spot on this list is his direction on the action pic The Rundown, one of the funnest action movies of the past decade. Berg can direct—he just needs a decent project. And Expendables 3 could be that project. Also, maybe it will convince his Rundown star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to join the cast. C’mon, this seems like obvious casting guys!

And that’s our list of action directors who would be a perfect fit for The Expendables 3. Is there any you think we missed? Let us know in the comments!


  • sedna

    Do research. Mctiernan is sentenced to a prison term – a nice wish, but he isn’t directing shit

  • “McTiernan has been pretty inactive over the past decade, mostly due to…well, prison.”